Jury members, Annette Le Bail, Terry O’Connor and Bruce Labey

Bruce Labey
Annette Le Bail
Terry O’Connor

Prix d’Honneur of the 13th Parish Festival 

Mar Mama by Majdi El Omari (Palestine) 

The jury were both moved and impressed by this simple, powerful and tragically prescient film from  Palestine telling the story of a father and daughter dealing with the death of the family’s mother and  wife by making a film. Shot almost entirely in one room, the central performances were compelling,  heart-breaking and utterly credible.  

L’Esprit de Fete 

A joint award this year to Mast-del by Maryam Tafakory (UK, Iran) and to the Un-Chaotic Cabinet That  Wishes For Me to Sleep by Cillian Green from Ireland. 

Mast-del is a visually stunning and utterly engrossing film made up of clips of films that have been  banned in Iran which tells the story of a young woman’s trip to the cinema and the appalling events  that can be triggered in modern-day Iran by such a seemingly simple thing. The judges applaud the  film’s courage and honesty in the face of the brutal repression of women. 

The Un-Chaotic Cabinet That Wishes For Me To Sleep, is a magical film with a stunningly layered  soundscape and exceptionally creative animation which chronicles a young man’s train of thought as  he cycles round his home town. A beautiful and captivating film from a director whose artistry we  wished to recognise. 

Special mention to Neighbour Abdi by Douwe Djistra (The Netherlands) an accomplished, witty and  thought provoking story of the complex and difficult life of Somali-born Abdi as he processes his often  violent past.  

Jury member Mick Hannigan and prize winner Patrick Swan

Jersey and Channel Islands Award For Best Film  

Jury: Mick Hannigan 

Usurp The Destroyer by Patrick Swan and Edward Palmer (Jersey)  

The quality of films considered in this category was immensely high this year. Across many genres  such as art film, documentary and contemporary drama; one film in particular stood out. One of the  delights of viewing new films by emerging and younger directors is the insight into the current zeitgeist  they sometimes illustrate. The winning film does this without being dogmatic, and with an ‘open text’.  The ambiguity inherent in the film is artful and the film is a very deserving winner of this year’s Best  Jersey & CI Short Film.