Welcome to the 13th Parish

Jersey International Film Festival

23rd- 26th May 2024
Jersey Arts Centre
Welcome to Jersey’s International Film Festival

The 13th Parish is Jersey’s International Film Festival. Each year we bring the very best of  contemporary film to the island – new work from all over the world, in every genre, all hand picked  and lovingly curated for your entertainment and amazement. We are fortunate to have the excellent Jersey Arts Centre as our  venue partner, who make this all possible. 

Alongside our international film programme, we also aim to encourage the creativity of islanders,  through training courses, talks with experts, and by acknowledging the work that is carried out in  Jersey and other channel islands. We offer opportunities for the public to participate in activities that  we organise during the festival itself and other projects throughout the year. You are also very  welcome to show your support by becoming a member of the festival, bringing new ideas to the  table, volunteering and of course availing of special offers.  

The 2024 festival will take place from May 23rd-26th, and we will have a one-day ‘taster’ event on  October 13th this year. Do put those dates in your diary, and follow us on social media for further  updates. You can look at the archive section here to see what we’ve been up to so far. 

The 13th Parish is a young festival that each year grows in reputation, both at home and on the  international stage. You are welcome to join us on the journey ahead.  

Tony Langlois

Our Partners

2023 Team Credits

  • Festival Director: Tony Langlois
  • Finance Manager: Phillip Hogben
  • Film Programmer: Úna Langlois
  • Special Projects: Jooj duQuemin
  • Industry Liaison: Steve Carter
  • VR Curator: James Pallot
  • Press & Marketing: Liana Summers-Shaw, The Refinery
  • Awards artist: Glyn Roberts
  • Festival Design: Double Marvellous
  • Website: SimpleSites.ie
  • Jersey & CI Jury: Mick Hannigan
  • International Jury: Bruce Labey (Chair), Ed Jewell, Pippa Lequesne

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Advisory Group

  • Bruce Labey
  • Jenny Lecoat
  • Terry O’Connor
  • Matthew Hogben
  • Jamie Pallot
  • Mick Hannigan

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