Join Us!

The 13th Parish festival welcomes volunteers, creative partnerships, sponsorship opportunities and new members. Our objective is to foster imaginative connections and as a not for profit organisation we depend upon the imagination and energy of those around us.

If you feel have skills or interests that might contribute to the festival please get in touch. We will be delighted to work with you and provide practical experience.

13th Parish is ever open to appropriate sponsorship relationships, either for the project as a whole or for specific parts of our programme.

For those who want get closer to the action we welcome you to our membership scheme, which, as well as offering special deals and opportunities, will give you a say in the future development of 13th Parish.

Benefits of membership

  • Weekend ticket reductions
  • Invitations to all special events
  • Access to festival AGM
  • Festival Updates and social events throughout year

Special Founding Membership Offer

The standard subscription fee will be £20 for each year.

Be a proud founding member of 13th Parish by getting in touch with us today!