Jenny Lecoat Screenwriting Award

Jenny Lecoat Screenwriting Award – Winner

‘Kid’ by Claire Mockett (aka Moxie)

This screenplay catapults you into an environmental dystopia of frightening conviction and imaginative detail, and manages to convey an epic yet character-led story within a very short time. In the year that Greta Thunberg has shown us the power and potential of female youth, the film’s child protagonist, beginning as victim then arcing into a courageous warrior, is
particularly apposite. A worthy winner.


Boots to Die For by Linda Duncan McLaughlin combines a punchy story with strong visual images, combining themes of mysticism with modern social commentary, while leaving the reader space for their own interpretation.


Patrick Swan’s ‘Sensational’ is a charming, funny tale of female friendship and adventure that effectively exploits the format with a confident sense of filmic storytelling.