A Wall Is A Screen / outdoor screenings / free / all welcome

Saturday May 20th at 9.15pm / 90 mins

The world renowned Hamburg-based artist group “A Wall is a Screen” comes Jersey!

We invite the audience on an urban adventure full of new perspectives.

This open-air film walk consists of projecting short films on walls and other urban structures. This
is a magical experience, open to everyone! Simply wrap up well and join us at the meeting point,
and walk the short distance from screening point to the next one. There will be roughly 8 films in
total, so you can start and join in at anytime.

A Wall Is A Screen

Since 2003, the artist collective A Wall is a Screen has travelled the world with their concept of
guided short film walks. The project aims to reconquer the city through the art of cinema. For the
short duration of a short film it transforms the streets and places of the city into a spontaneous open
air cinema. By travelling with a very light and portable projection setup the group is able to screen
films on nearly every wall and sheds a different light on well known places. Their work consists in
combining the projection and curation of short films with the curation of locations. They might even
show you places in the city you may never noticed before. In the process, film and location enter
into a symbiosis, creating new contexts in public space for the brief moment of a short film.